Door & Window Sensor


Compatible with ZigBee Home automation system
to transition your home to a Smart Home

ZigBee is the wireless language that harnesses the power of the mesh to connect
every product in the network. All your imagination can happen.

Remote control to close the windows in a
suddenly rainy day.

Linkage each appliance to easily control your house.
Save your time and effort and worry.

Rainy day

Window linkage

Close the window

Be notified if children access off-limit areas
or someone breaks into unexpected.

Using Orvibo Zigbee motion and window & door sensors with wireless camera to monitor your home .

Doors/windows opened

Camera linkage

Alert triggered

Have information

The Door&Window sensor is designed for a
quick do-it-yourself installation.

It consists of the sensor and the magnet.
The sensor and the magnet are mounted on the door / window and the frame.
When the two parts separately, an alert is triggered.

Bring a cost-effective security home.

The refrigerator door is opened.The door&window sensor will remind you.
This will let you save a lot of electricity to buy another door&window sensor to save more electricity

Our secure Zigbee security system provides you a true peace of mind.

ZigBee Mini Hub

Door&Window sensor

Motion Sensor


Product parameters


Product Name:Door/Window Sensor

Wireless frequency:2.4GHz

Power supply:CR2032 button battery

Wireless standard:IEEE 802.15.4

Case Material:PC+ABS

Transmitter dimensions:61.5x30.3x11.7mm

Operating environment:-10 - 50°C

Magnet dimensions:44.8x10.9x7.9mm

Infrared Remote Angle:Operating humidity

Communication protocol:ZigBee HA


You can install more smart home products of  ORVIBO ,they can all
controlled by "HOMEMATE"APP.

Now,bring yours home .

Your private customized.

Door & Window Sensor