Platinum Smart Switches

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On/off Switch - 1 gang

On/off Switch - 2 gang

On/off Switch - 3 gang

Dimmer Switch

Scene Switch


ORVIBO Platinum Smart Switch is a series of 86 type ZigBee wireless control switches, including On/Off switch( 1-gang, 2-gang, 3-gang), dimmer switch, scene switch and curtain switch. Working with other ZigBee devices by connecting to ZigBee Hub via Zigbee network. Easily turn on/off your lights by just a simple tap on the HomeMate App on your smart phone or tablet-----no matter where you are.


1. Remote control: Turn on/off your lights and instant monitor the status of the switch via HomeMate App from anywhere while it is connected to Wi-Fi.

2. App control: Turn on/off your lights via HomeMate App, set timer to turn on/ off the lights as your wish.

3. Working with ORVIBO Mini Hub and HomeMate App, easy to DIY your own style smart home with customized scenes.

4. Link with other ORVIBO smart devices like the motion sensor, turn on the lights automatically when you pass by.

5. ORVIBO Platinum Smart Switches are applied for indoor environment like house, hotel and office.


Size: 90*86*35mm

Color: White+ Silver

Power Supply: Single Line Power Supply AC100-240V

PowerLoad: Max. Load: 700W; Min.Load:100W

RX Sensitivity: <-90dBm

Transmit Power: 4dBm

Radio Standard: IEEE 802.15.4

Radio Frequency: 2.4GHz

Working Temperature: -20~60℃,-4~140°F

Working Humidity: ≦80%

Working Distance: 80m (Without shelter)

Security Protocol: AES-128 bit dynamic key encryption


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