MixPad Genie
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Newly Upgraded 3 Ways of Interaction

Custom scene button

Turn off the lights of the whole house with one

button when you go out

Touch Screen

Accurate control of air conditioning

How many degrees do you want to adjust


If you forget to pull the curtains at work

you can turn off your phone

Multi-modal Four-dimensional Interaction
Used By the Ehole Family
New Installation-free Design
Install Whatever You Want
The colorful collision between the painting
screenand the panel
The dynamic super screen that changes automatically every day,
it collides with the wall color and panel color fiercely, refreshing your home every day.
*Red, orange, blue, green and yellow will be available soon!
Born to be Cool, Super FUN and Colorful
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Multiple Protocol Connections
Make Traditional Home Appliances Smart
A variety of communication protocols, which can be connected to a variety of home appliances such as air
conditioners, washing machines, TVs, clothes dryers, etc. Traditional home appliances become smart in
seconds, and you can experience smart life.

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