ZigBee Smart Dimmer Switch - US


Build your own Smart Home network with this easy to install dimmer switch that looks like an ordinary dimmer switch. No electrician required; this is a typical do-it-yourself installation and affordable for conversion room by room or the entire home or just certain types of appliances/lighting in your home.

Perfect Replacement for regular wall switch and Dimmer switch, 120VAC, 500W
Manual and Remote ON/OFF and dimming control of any connected lighting and other load with mobile or other controller in the ZigBee HA compliant network
The default option of the light level can adjust the light level of the dimmer switch to preset level
Mesh network, each device is a router. There is not distance limited in network
ZigBee HA protocol; automatic access ZigBee network; no need to pair codes
Scene mode is available, Apps and cloud control is available
Air-Gap Switch feature meets UL requirement and disconnect power from load locally
Blue LED illuminates for varied status

Model:T10D1ZW-1UO Single pole

Voltage : AC 100V-120V/60Hz

Load power:

Resistive load 500W ( filament lamp, tungsten lamp, halogen lamp )

Capacitive load 500VA (fluorescent lamp, Dimmer LED lights and CFL )

Motor 600VA

RF frequency : 2.4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4

Wireless Transmitting power :<4.5dBm                        

Wireless protocol: ZigBee HA

Networking mode: ZigBee automatic networking

Encryption mode : AES-128bit dynamic encryption

Distance : >100 ft (open field)

Working environment Temperature: -20~40℃

Working environment Humidity: ≤85%


ZigBee smart light switch×1

Mounting screws×2

After-sales service card×1


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