Multiple Smart Home Kits
For Various Demands from Different Families

Home Security Standard Kit

For home security purpose


  • Get notification if the door/window is opened
  • Real-time motion detection and alarm
  • Super night vision and video record
  • One-key arming and alarm within one second when invasion
  • IP Camera

  • Motion Sensor

  • Door/Window Sensor

  • Zigbee Mini Hub

Elder Care Kit Pro

For old people caring


  • Remote monitoring with full view
  • Detect smoke to avoid fire hazard
  • Detect water leakage to avoid skid risk
  • Portable emergency button to ask help in time
  • Pan/Tilt Camera

  • Smoke Sensor

  • Zigbee Mini Hub

  • Emergency Button

  • Water Leakage Sensor

AirMaster Central A/C Control Kit

For home central air conditioner control purpose


  • One-key to control the air conditioners
  • Switch on air conditioner when you’re on the way home
  • Remote turn off the air conditioner if forgot to do it
  • Smart timer control to save energy
  • VRV Central A/C Relaty

  • Central A/C Controller

  • Zigbee Mini Hub

Smart Door and Window Kit

For Entry and Curtain Control


  • 24-hour home protection and emergency alarm
  • Key-free entry with fingerprint and password
  • Identify who is back home and disarm for family
  • Enable arming mode once closed the door
  • Automatically close the curtain for cooling
  • Set time to open the curtain in the morning
  • Smart Door Lock T1

  • Smart Curtain Kit x 2

Smart Lighting Control Kit

For improvement of home atmosphere


  • One-key to control the complete lighting
  • Mobile phone remote control and voice control
  • Turn on the light when people passing by
  • Various scene settings to create lighting atmosphere
  • Adjust color temperature and hue as your need
  • Smart Switch 1 gang

  • Smart Switch 2 gang

  • Smart Scene Switch

  • Motion Sensor

  • Zigbee Mini Hub

  • RGB Light Strip

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