Sensor Access Module


Sensor Access Module is designed to access the traditional wired sensors in the market, including CO sensor, motion sensor, smoke sensor, gas sensor, etc.. Transforms the signal from traditional wired sensors to Zigbee wireless signal, makes them smart and enable the linkage in smart home systems.


Transform the traditional wired sensors to be Zigbee smart sensors and enable the phone App alarm and devices linkage in smart home system.
Support the detection on the NO/NC signal from the traditional wired sensors.
One Sensor Access Module can access three wired sensors.


Product Model: CV10ZW

Power Supply: DC12V/ 1A

Protocol: ZigBee HA

Working Temperature: -20℃~60℃

Product Size: 70 *70 *23mm

Wireless Frequency: 2.4GHz

Encryption Mode: AES-128

Working Humidity: ≤80%


Sensor Access Module x 1

User Manual x1

Screw x2

Screw Cap x2

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