MixPad Multifunctional Panel

With built-in powerful processors and environmental sensors,
MixPad integrates a variety of interactive methods compatible
with a variety of IoT protocols, through AI and big data to
create beatiful, convenient and smart life.

Revolutionary All-in-one Multifunctional Panel

All-in-one panel to control smart devices and scenes with new interaction way.

Interactive Experience Never Before

Mixpad combines with the 4 interactive ways of Button click, Screen touch, Voice and App Control.
MixPad creates control rules in different distance, such as far, near, mid-range, etc., which
achieves an efficient and systematic interaction experience.

*This function above need to be updated MixPad software. Coming soon...

Accurately Controllable, Simple and Efficient

MixPad is designed for usability with three basic interaction ways: click, slide and drag.
Eevey detail is well-designed, and be loved at first touch.


Response in real-time

Dual Microphone array Response in 7 meter distance.

Fixed design and distributed concepts
of MixPad make voice interactions
more natural. It is always on standby.

Okay, the curtain of
balcony opens for you
and laundry rack is ready.

I'm going to dry the clothes.


Home Devices, All in Control

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee and KNX protocols are integrated to the
MixPad that connects all smart devices in home.

Powerful Performance in Computing Capability

Local and cloud computing can easily process data from sensors, locks,
Internet and other sources to get lots of link & communication function.

Superiority in Quality and Safety

Evey exquisite detail is produced with aesthetics and technology.Double vertical anticreep bottom
box 86 type, Double layer PC material and electrical isolation design jointly ensure electrical safety.

High precision CNC tempered
glass touch panel V0
ABS PC +30% glass fiber

Three layers of precision spraying with PPG imported rubber paint
±0.025mm precision of screen and button size
±0.05mm precision of body structure

Customized LCD screen (3.5-inch 720*720 DPI)
Multi-layer non-air-gap
Nano anti-fingerprints coating

Aluminum alloy switch (260g)
Anodic oxidation process
More than 100,000 time of use

Third-party Service
in MixPad

Many OTT services will be accredited to
MixPad, such as cleaning reservation, car
hailing etc.. MixPad covers everything you

*The functions above need to be updated MixPad software.
Coming soon...

Smart Life Everywhere by MixPad

MixPad creates a smarter system through access gated communities, payment,
hotel check-in, service and energy management systems of office building.

*The functions above need to be updated MixPad software. Coming soon...

Product Packaging

Master control: Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor
Storage: 1GB RAM+4GB ROM
LCD: 3.5-inch 720*720 DPI
Touch Screen: Multi-layer non-air-gap Nano anti-fingerprints coating
Speaker: AAC 1813 speakers
Microphone: Dual microphone array, response in 7 m
Light Sensor: Adaptive brightness
Range Sensor: Auto wake up, 10~15cm gesture sensing
Material: V0 ABS PC + 30% glass fiber

Precision of Temperature Sensor: ±0.1℃
Precision of Humidity Sensor: ±0.1% RH
Power Supply: 220V L&N power supply
Number of Supporting Devices: 255
Number of Supported Scenarios: unlimited
Wi-Fi Lan: Wi-Fi, Booth 4.0, Zigbee
Lan: Ethernet, KNX
Zigbee Network: self-gateway

Function &

Customized button function
Granular control for each device
Scenario-based multi-device control
Device scenario local control
Voice control
Zigbee network

Intelligent detection of T&H
Intelligent detection of ambient light
Intelligent detection of outdoor environment
Range sensing
Arming & Disarming
Password disarming

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