ZigBee Smart Switch

Redefine the smart switches
Extraordinary performance
Excellent design

Insist in Minimalism,concentrate on details

Complete Aluminium alloy material, 6 CNC processes of polishing,
5 processes of anodized oxidation and sand blast.

APP Remote Control,
Scene and Linkage Settings

Before sleeping, one click
to turn off all the lights.

Exquisite button design, elaborate workmanship

CD metallic thread button with good response and hand feeling, adopts the frosted paint
spraying material for the back cover, hidden indicator with 0.03mm holes, do not ignore any detail.

Adopt Patent RelayPro-Tech™ Technology

RelayPro-Tech, protects the switches when suffering instantaneous large-current, and solved
the common aging of the relay, lengthened the service life of smart switches.


Times of Use


Service Life

Multiple layers of isolation,
make the electrical circuit safer

Anti-shock isolation
circuit board

Plastic isolation

Plastic isolation

Triple protection mechanism to prevent fire

The electrical status at home is kind of complicated. Switches always are vulnerable to get aged.
Geekrav adopts multiple safeguard mechanism to defend the severe weather.

Thermal protection

Cut circuit when accident,
restore when normal


Passed 1000V
anti-electric surge.

Strong adaptability

Passed 1000V
anti-electric surge.

Simple wireless installation,high compatibility

Compatible with the standard 86 type bottom case, adopt ZigBee HA protocol,
no need of wiring again, replace the traditional switches easily.

Standard 86 type
bottom case

Binding with
smart hub

Connect with
smart phone

Natural design,elegant style

Product Parameters


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